Opravy a servis hlavicka


version 7.x demo
opravyaservis6.exe - 12MB
setuplocal6.exe* - 6MB

Attention to the database: This version requires for functioning a correctly installed and configured Microsoft SQL Server - free Express version is sufficient. SQL server is not a part of the installation program. The installation description and and setup are mention in the help, which can be downloaded separately, see below. SQL server does not need to be on the individual PC, it may not even be in the local network, but must be available via IP address and port.

* Local installation without SQL Server: It is possible to put into operation the program Repairs and Service without having to install a SQL Server only with a local database Microsoft SQL 2012 LocalDB. For this purpose, you can download a special setup program (setuplocal.exe). The local installation cannot be used in a network or to multiple users simultaneously. Therefore it serves only to test the program using the program for a single user. The local database also has specific requirements, requires at least Windows Vista and later, NET Framework 4.0.2, SQL native klient 11. The download and installation of required components if needed (if not already in the system) are offered by the above mentioned installer.

Additional files

name description file part of the installation
help help file in pdf format napovedaen.pdf YES
manual notes for advanced users techmanen.rtf YES
image file settings to connect to SQL Server through the IP address and port obr1.png NO
image file SQL server settings for network operation obr2.png NO
image file set the administrator password to the SQL server obr3.png NO
image file setting how to log on to SQL Server obr4.png NO

Important notice

Before purchasing the license, you can test the program thoroughly in your environment. Demo is deliberately TIME-UNLIMITED for this purpose, so you can purchase the license after several month operation, until you are sure that the program is beneficial to you and shows no errors in your system environment. The author CANNOT solve cases, when you purchase the license and then you find that you do not have the necessary hardware and software, or treat "errors" arising due to non-standard system configuration, disturbed system, faulty hardware, infected PC etc.

Consultation, if necessary, is possible on the mentioned e-mail. Before you have any question, please read the documentation.