Opravy a servis hlavicka

Devices evidence

This is a module of the repair and service program released as a separate program. Software is used for records of machinery and other equipment, including monitoring of service intervals (maintenance dates).

Program Devices evidence freeware:

The claims of the program are identical to the program Repairs and service, as well as the methods of installation and deployment to users. There is local one-user installation or network, multi-user built on Microsoft SQL server Database.

User support or modification of the program can be purchased from the author of the program.


There are 2 variants of the installer:

  1. Installer including local database. ezsetuplocal.exe
  2. installer without database (assumes previously installed MS SQL server or local database on the PC). ezsetup.exe

Installing the Microsoft SQL Server and running it on the network is described in help of program Repairs and service.